Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piggie Post - Small Pet Select Hay Review


I hope everyone has had a great "wheek-end". Today I have a very special post for y'all! A few wheeks back my guinea pigs were asked to be, well, guinea pigs for Small Pet Select, an up and coming hay supplier. They wheeked with excitement over getting to try some tasty new hay! 

For those of you who don't know, piggies need to nom on hay around the clock. They need a constant supply of it. It helps with their digestive systems and their teeth. I buy 25 pounds of hay every two months or so, just to give y'all an idea of how much these little squirts consume. 

First off... my review! 

I'm a graphic designer so I started drooling as soon as I saw their website. They took the time to make site pretty and functional, which I realllllyyy appreciate. Once their box of hay arrived I started drooling again because they took the time to design to their packaging. Then I opened the box to find a handwritten letter using their customized stationary. I have to give massive kudos to companies that understand that graphic design is important. Now, on to the hay itself. The quality of the hay was excellent, it was green and it smells fresh. It's nice and soft which is fabulous. It is a million times better than any hay you could ever buy in a store. Also, if any of my readers are buying their hay from a store STAHP! Store bought hay (like Oxbow or Kaytee) is hard and terrible, not to mention your pig can get a wicked eye-poke from it. I also like how the box that the hay comes in can be used to store the hay as well. The hay I currently buy comes in a garbage bag. I also approve of how you can buy Small Pet Select Hay in bulk. For anyone with a multiple pigs, buying your supplies in bulk is a MUST. The price of their hay is fair and comparable to the other leading hay retailers. 

So does Small Pet Select have the owner's approval... HELL TO THE YES! But do the piggies like it? 

Mama, Frida, Nellie, & Maggie got to nom on the hay first. When they normally eat hay, they eat it like it's laced with crack. When I gave them the Small Pet Select hay they acted like it was laced with a Charlie Sheen amount of drugs. It was a hay frenzy. The happies were off the charts! Nellie was particularly fond of the new hay. She was shoving other pigs in order to get more of it!

Aggie was next to sample the new hay. Aggie is weird. She cautiously waddled to the hay, took a nibble, and ran to the other side of her cage and hid. She doesn't appear to particularly care for her new hay. Me thinks she is reaaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy fond of the stuffI usually use (she inhales that stuff). 

I've been using the Small Pet Select hay for a few days with them to see how they act once the newness of the amazing hay wears off. The Quartet continues to consume copious amounts of hay and they are all very content piggies. Mama Pig loves her hay so much that she sleeps either next to the hay or with her head in the hay. Aggie is still weird, she eats the hay, but she doesn't love it. 

Overall: Four out of five pigs agree, Small Pet Select Hay is one of the best hays around! FOUR STARS! 

Piggie's Tippies - If you have piggies or any small animal that consumes hay... this stuff is freakin' delicious! 


  1. Those piggies are so adorable. Hay .... hmmn....
    I wonder if my daughter uses hay for her gerbies? I think I'll send her the link to your post and have her read it. Thanks for the info.

  2. Love your four star review.


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