Monday, October 1, 2012

Sweet Charity


I hope all of my fellow crippled comrades had a splendid weekend. Mine was purdy damn awesome. As I've mentioned maaaaannnnnnyyyyy times throughout the past couple of weeks, my BFF and I are hosting a Scentsy Party benefitting the MHE Coalition, and on Saturday we had an open house/party for it. I was a social creature and had a blast with my friends and family. The open house was a huuuugggggeeeeeeeeeee success. I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the fundraiser thus far, and I want to give a special shout out to my BFF who is donating her commission for the cause. YOU GUYS ARE SO FLIPPIN' AWESOME, LOVE Y'ALL!

I can't believe how much I actually did this weekend, apart from the whole being social thing. I walked up and down the stairs a buncha times, stood for rather long periods, did lots of bending and moving in general. Not bad for less than two weeks post-op! I also can't believe how active I was considering how much my damn incision has been hurting. Seriously, this has probably been the most painful part of my damn surgery. Ya see, now that bandages and staples are off, my incision is free to tighten and heal naturally. This is usually uncomfortable, but the tightening paired with fact that the skin around incision moves whenever I do makes for a rather painful feeling. It kinda feels like my skin rips whenever I get up. Of course its not actually ripping, but it feels like it. I'm probably gonna cover the scar with bandaids tomorrow to help everything stay in place. I reckon I should also try to not move whenever possible and let my incision heal. Regardless of how much my damn scar hurt, this weekend was awesome and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Scentsy Buddies!
The Scentsy MHE Fundraiser will continue online through November 3rd. If any of y'all want to do some holiday shopping for a good cause you should check it out. Also, sorry if I'm annoying people by constantly talking about the it, I swear I won't talk about it as much now.

Crippie's Tippie - Scensty Parties are surprisingly fun and entertaining

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