Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Limping Dead


Thank y'all for all the awesome suggestions to remedy my friggin insomnia. I used to take tylenol PM every night for well over a year, so naturally I'm now immune to the stuff. Has anyone tried melatonin pills? Do they work?

In the mean time I'm trying to regulate my sleep schedule, but it's certainly a challenge. I had a rather busy day today so hopefully that'll knock me out. I had a long-ish day at work, mainly due to my coworkers and I discussing the return of "The Walking Dead" tomorrow. We all agreed that Lori needs die as soon as humanly possible. If she croaked in the first episode I would not complain. We also discussed our plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse. The general consensus among us was that if we weren't able to barricade ourselves in our homes until the wave of zombies passed, we'd probably die fairly quickly. On the bright side, if I were to become a zombie my limp would be comedically worse than the other zombies. Or I'd probably just end up like bicycle girl and drag my mostly lifeless body with my arms. Yes, this is actually how I spent my day at work.

After work I went to see a stellar performance of "The Last Five Years" at the local community college. Oh my lawd I loved it. The production, sets, orchestrations, acting, EVERYTHING was amazing. It was an amazingly complex two person show about the rise and fall of a relationship. If any of my local readers are interested in seeing it, HERE is the website.

Now, I really should be getting to bed. I have a loooooonnnnngggggg day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm attending the unveiling for my aunt, who passed away last year. While it won't be a "happy" day by any means, I'll get to see some relatives that I haven't seen for a few years. That'll be good at least. Besides tomorrow is not about mourning the dead, it's about celebrating them.

I hope y'all have a lovely Sunday

Crippie's Tippie - Appreciate your relatives while you have them


  1. Now you are talking about a musical I've never heard of. I hope it comes to our area in a traveling form next year. We usually have to wait at least a year before a show starts traveling around the US. Sounds good. Hope you've caught up on your rest!

  2. The show's been around for several years, let's hope that a local theatre does it. I'll keep my fingers crossed :)


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