Thursday, January 9, 2014

Piggie Post: Nellie Turns 5!

Ohai Everybody!

While I was taking my "I suck at blogging" break in November, a certain someone turned 5 and we threw a huge bash for her. How does one go about throwing a party for a guinea pig? Well, it's quite simple really... we just obtained a bouncy castle, and by bouncy castle I mean tub of hay that we dropped the pigs in.

Aggie was the first pig in and naturally she wasted no time and started chowing down. She had a grand ol' time at the party and spent the remainder of the night wondering why she wasn't always surrounded by unlimited amounts of hay. (Yup, this totally sucked to write... miss you Aggie)

Lucy was next to have a turn in the hay bin. Much to my surprise she HATED it. She kept trying to dig her way out of the bin. She was promptly returned to her cage to make room for more willing participants.

Pru and Maggie were next. They were good little noodles and had a jolly time frolicking in and eating the hay.
Eleanor and the birthday girl were next. This didn't last long though because Eleanor decided to be a party pooper and bite Nellie in the ass. Once Eleanor was removed against her will Nellie happily munched on all the hay her little heart could want.

Happy birthday Nellie Bellie! Time to relax and enjoy your senior pig years! I'm sure your mommy and sisters were celebrating with you too :)

Crippie's Tippie - When in doubt just give your piggies a crap ton of hay and they'll be happy


  1. Happy Birthday Nellie! You just look so cute in all that hay, and happier than a piggie in hay! he he - our poor excuse for humor this morning.

  2. I forgot about that day (so what else is new, right?) and how much fun it was to let the babies loose in the hay bin! The babies are doing well while you're away, except for the night Lucy decided to be evil and run around biting Maggie in the ass. Lucy was quickly removed from the cage and got a good talking to, and she has behaved ever since! The babies love and miss you, but hope you're having a great time in Nashville!

  3. Happy Birthday, Nellie! A tub of hay sounds like a great way to celebrate.


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