Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hi Y'all!

I'm glad to see y'all enjoyed my lil' parking space rant. Funny thing about that... the day after I posted it someone was parked in "my" handicap space without a permit. UGH! I let them live though because the snow knocked the sign down... but still... FRUSTRATION!

Sorry I haven't posted anything new in a week, I was actually insanely busy. With what you might ask? Remember how I wanted to set up an Etsy shop? Well, I decided not to because I remembered how much I hate etsy and their fees. So I opted for a better alternative... ladies and gentlemen I present to you *drumroll*

Yup, Crippie made these fabulous pieces of jewelry, and believe it or not they are made out of nail polish! These pieces and oodles more are available in my new online store "The Flying Frida"! Fun fact: all of the jewelry I sell is handicap friendly. The necklaces have long chains so you don't need to unfasten them and the rings are all adjustable to accommodate swollen joints. :D

Frida was always a fan of shiny things, I'd like to think she's somewhere looking at these with an expression like 0.0 . I absolutely love making nail polish jewelry and I had a blast putting the store together so if y'all could go check it out I'd really appreciate it! I'll be filling it with more sparkly goodies in the coming weeks and I'll definitely keep ya posted when I do. BTW, if anyone interested I'd be willing to do a tutorial on how to make these things. 

Crippie's Tippie - Check out my store! (shameless self promotion yes, but LOOK AT THE SHINY!)


  1. I was proud to become your first customer. Love the jewelry and the packaging!

  2. I haven't been over to your shop (will head there next) but I think the pieces you did for this blog are gorgeous. You go girl - I know you can be successful at anything you want to do.


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