Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolution #9


I hope all my readers had a fantastic and safe New Year. I didn't do anything special, just nommed on shrimp cocktail whilst watching "The Walking Dead" and "The Twilight Zone" marathons.

Well, now that 2014 has crept on to us, it's time to discuss resolutions! I'm gonna roll with this Beatles pun and list nine of 'em (I didn't have nine when I started this post, but meh, I'll wing it). I'm gonna list 'em in order of importance that I complete them.

1) DRIVE ON HIGHWAYS - My driving skills have improved vastly over the past year and driving through some pretty craptacular snowstorms without wrecking my car has certainly boosted my confidence. This year Crippie is gonna take driving lessons to relearn highway driving. I've already found a place near me that caters to "anxious drivers" so that's good. Not knowing how to drive on highways/fear of complicated roads/fear of going to completely foreign places has held me back for far too long. This year it ends.

2) DESIGN CRAP - I've been meaning to open a Society6 shop for some time, but I've been burned the hell out and haven't been able to think about what I want to put in it. Do I wanna draw pictures of guinea pigs riding dinosaurs or do I want to be a mature adult and make some pretty typographic pieces? (Yes that was an actual thought process for me) I think I'm started to get a better idea of what kind of work I want to put into the world, expect to see a shnazzy shop full of awesome prints and t-shirts sooner or later this year.

3) BLOGGING GOD DAMN IT - Clearly I sucked at blogging last year. Here's to hoping that I get my act together this year. As always, if any of you have anything you want me to write about, feel free to post in the comments.

4) OPEN AN ETSY STORE - I'm actually well on my way to completing this. I had an etsy store in the past for design stuff, but I'm gonna close that and turn it into something else. Y'all are just gonna have to wait and see what I have in store. MOAR PUNS! I'm on a roll tonight!

5) DO MORE EXERCISES - Once the weather stops sucking I intend on doing more physical therapy exercises. While last year wasn't horrible pain wise it wasn't great either. I've gotta do some strengthening exercises, they should help reduce some of my discomfort.

6) EVEN MORE OF A SOCIAL LIFE - I did fairly well with this resolution last year and I plan on continuing this resolution this year.


8) REGULATE SLEEP CYCLE - I've been getting better at sleeping, I'm rarely awake past 2:30am, which for me is very impressive. Not even remotely close to perfect, so this year I'll continue on improving that.

9) TAKE ONLINE DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE - Partly for my driving anxieties, mainly to lower my insurance rates. ;)

YAY! I did it! Nine resolutions, w000000t! Let's see how much of this I can accomplish :)
In the meantime, here's a song that's pretty much gonna be my theme song for 2014.

Crippie's Tippie - Socially awkward but want to find a way to invite people over? Find people who like the same TV shows as you and invite them over to watch. You don't have to spend the entire time talking and the show itself gives you a conversation starter. 

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  1. Great resolutions girl! You have done better than me - I haven't even made any! Will be anxious to see some of your art work too.


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