Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Driving & Disabilities


Sorry I haven't posted in forever, I was busy GRADUATING COLLEGE! Yup, on the 20th of May I walked at my graduation and obtained my fake diploma. Now that I have my BFA in Graphic Design I have to find a job. Before I find a job I have to find a way of getting to said job.

This brings me to a question that a fair amount of people have asked me recently. Can cripples drive? The answer is simple, with the proper instruction and equipment, yeah sure. I have my driver's license. My driving instructor specialized in teaching people with disabilities. I can more or less drive like a "normal" person plus or minus a few accommodations. I use both of my feet when I drive (left foot on the break, right on the gas) because I can't move my right leg fast enough to use the breaks, and I use more mirrors because my neck is very stiff. As my driving teacher said "I've taught 88 year old who can turn their necks more than you can!". I have fond memories of driving lessons....

And here's some proof that I can actually drive.

Crippie's Tippie: If you're having physical trouble driving, be creative... my driving teacher didn't think of me using two feet to drive, my dad did. 

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