Friday, January 20, 2012

Crippie & The Great Medication Question


Well, it's been a week since Crippie lost her little fuzzball Emma. It's a process but everyone is adjusting. Nellie was starting to get a little bit lonely, so I decided that she should have a playdate with Frida (who is her biological sister) and their mother, Mama Pig (who doesn't like me at the moment because she has not been featured on the blog yet, she refuses to talk to me until I post her picture). All playdates prior to this week had been utterly disastrous, but go figure the playdate went swimmingly and Nellie was happy. So on Tuesday Nellie will officially move in with her mommy and sister... YAY! I'm so relieved that Nellie gets along with Mama Pig and Frida. Here's a picture of the playdate, salad makes for an excellent ice breaker, and the two happy sisters.

Moving on to actual cripple related topics. I'm usually pretty open about answering any questions people have about my disability. However there are a few topics that I really don't like to answer, one of the main ones is "Which medications do you take for pain Crippie?" Usually this question is asked by a relative or friend, mainly relatives. The only reason I object to answering is the fact the some of my meds are pretty strong and potentially addictive narcotics. I used to keep my medications verrryyyy hush hush during college, cause let's face it, someone could've taken them. Now a days someone stealing my meds isn't really a priority, but you never know when someone will say "Oh Crippie I hurt my leg... can you spare me a pill or two?" I know it's not the worst thing in the world, but it's terribly annoying. I feel like "these are my medications, I need them, it takes a lot of effort to obtain them, get your own". 
Apart from the fact that I am very protective about my medications, its also kinda pointless for me to answer it. For example, I was prescribed Vicodin after one of my surgeries. After I took said Vicodin I went to watch some decorating show on TV. While I was watching the people magically turned into penguins. Crippie and Vicodin do not mix. While this is a humorous story does it mean that Vicodin will make everyone hallucinate? No, everyone reacts differently to medications. Vicodin does wonders for Dr. House. It really does not matter whether or not I had a good or bad experience with a particular drug. 
To be fair, there are times when people do have a valid reason for asking what I take. In those cases I have no objects to giving that information out.
So in conclusion when people ask me this question I give them a generic answer like "narcotics" and if people ask if they can "borrow" some I tell them "LOL... no".

Crippie's Tippie - Unless you have a valid reason to ask someone which medicines they take, don't ask.


  1. can't wait to see the new abode for the piggies!~
    Love my grand pets!

  2. Awww the piggies are so cute. I can understand your reason not to mention the pain med. One can't be too careful these days. I was on vicodin a few years ago, but it made me hyper. I took it for 3 days and didn't sleep for 6 nights!

  3. HI! Nice to meet you. We hopped ofur from Mario's to see your adorable piggies. Our Mommy LUFS guinea pigs, so don't be surprised is she acts stoopid. She sends kissies to each of those darling little noses. Come visit us sum time. **headbutts** - Prancer PIE

  4. I had 3 Guineas Pigs as a child- Winkin, Blinkin and Nod. Then a bigger multi-sectional cage came with "Charlie" the bad dude Guinea Pig. They all got along very well--in individual cages but Charlie had learned to squeeze thru the metal siding and he'd loudly fight the others. When I broke up one fight Charlie bit thru my finer and many years later I have a little scar. They loved leaves from the back yard banana trees and small tomatoes.I would make Guinea noises and they would all answer in unison. Sweet piggy noises.

    I found your site when I was on a cat blog.I have a neuro-muscular disease and when I didn't use my crutches would actually be asked by strangers why I walked "funny".

    Like your blog.
    Ossie Kat's Mom


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