Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make A Wish!


Crippie was just looking through some photos on the computer when she found pictures from what was probably the most awesome day of her life, the day Crippie had a wish granted from the Make A Wish Foundation. The Make a Wish foundation is a beyond awesome charity that grants wishes for seriously ill kids.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 17 (just realized that was FIVE YEARS AGO... *cries*). My aunt was visiting for the weekend and my friend has just come over to take Crippie out to lunch for some reason. We were all sitting around talking when all of the sudden my mom said "Hey Crippie... there's limo outside!" And sure enough there was a huge ass limo outside with two people from the Make A Wish foundation.

Crippie, my mom, dad, sister, aunt, grandma, grandpa, friend, friend's mom, and a lady from Make A Wish piled into the limo and it set off for some unknown destination (they wouldn't tell Crippie) While in the limo I got to open some presents. I got The Sims 2 and some nice cardstock for the notecards I was making, not to mention a shnazzy hat!

We had a dandy hour long limo ride to the mystery location. We had a toast with sparkling apple juice.

Eventually we reached our location, "The River Grill" a restaurant that I had never ever heard of before. Crippie's friends and family were treated to an awesome lunch outside with the Hudson River as our view, how freakin' fabulous is that! Crippie really enjoyed her steak and my dad and grandpa were realllllyyyy enjoying looking at the boats that kept passing.

After lunch we returned to Crippie's house, only to find another person from the foundation there AND presents on my doorstep! I opened them to find a laptop, design software, camera, and printer. HOLY MOLY. We then went and had a delicious chocolate cake. Awesome day was awesome! 

That really was one of, if not the best day of my life. Not because of the things I got, but because up until that point my disability had only caused craptacular things to happen. This was the one time when something truly amazing happened because of it. The "special" treatment I got was actually special! It helped me cement my belief that good things can come out of even the worst situations.

Crippie's Tippie- The Make A Wish Foundation is one of the greatest charities around


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! It's awesome to hear about someone getting what they deserve...and it's a POSITIVE story!

  2. Hey! you forgot about Audrey and Gerry! they were with us too! LOL!

  3. Yeah, Nicole. What do you have against old people?
    It was a wonderful day, and we were so thrilled for you!

  4. What a wonderful surprise and treat for you. I've heard they do awesome things for so many young people. That is absolutely fantastic. My heart goes out to you and all the other young people that suffer from some debilitating disease - it isn't fair to you at all. Yet I admire you and others so much for fighting thru it and trying your best each day. You are truly an inspiration to me.


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