Monday, January 16, 2012

Just Keep Swimming


First off, thank you so much for the well wishes I've received over the past few days. They really meant the world to me and the piggies. Not gonna lie, the past couple of days have very hard for Crippie. My piggies are huge source of happiness and comfort for me, so to see one of them slip away while there is nothing I can do about it is devastating.
While it is very challenging, I'm doing my best to apply my "this to shall pass" mantra to this situation. I know as time goes on it will hurt less and less. This is just another hurtle Crippie has to find a way of jumping over. In the meantime though Crippie is distracting herself by taking care of my remaining piggies (who all say "HELLO... WE ARE REALLY CUTE"), watching TV, and watching stupid videos on YouTube.

With all the sadness revolving around Emma's death, there is a silver lining... her sister and cagemate Nellie. Nellie and Emma had been together for their entire lives. Naturally when Emma passed I was worried about how Nellie would handle it. Usually guinea pigs can sense the loss of their friend and fall into a depression, when they fall into a depression they stop eating and drinking, when they stop eating and drinking they get sick, and when they get sick they run a fair chance of dying. Nellie is not your usual guinea pig, she is very happy and very clueless. She's been prancing around the cage saying "I DON'T HAVE TO SHARE MY HAY WITH ANYONE! THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!" So thankful that I don't have a depressed piggie on my hands. Speaking of Nellie, she said (and this a direct quote) "Mommy can you show your wonderful readers how cute I am... pleaaaassssseeeee"
How could anyone say no to that face!

Carrying on to other issues... who saw the Golden Globes last night? It was a fantastic night for cripples! Peter Dinklage won for his completely brilliant work in "Game of Thrones" (don't get me started on the whole Dwarf Tossing thing...). Let's not forget George Clooney stealing Brad Pitt's cane. When canes start becoming this years "it" accessory, let it be known that I started it first. I will say, I was hoping Brad Pitt would've had a bad ass pimp cane. Kinda disappointed that he went for solid black, a major fashion don't IMO.

Crippie's Tippie- Remember that loss is a really craptacular part of life, everyone has to deal with it, and thus you are not alone.



  1. No one could possibly not think that little piggie's face is adorable. I'm so happy that Nellie will be okay. So very sorry again about Emma's passing. I know how hard it is to lose a dear, dear beloved animal as I am now on my 4th cat. It's never an easy thing to go through.

  2. One heck of a cute face!
    As far as canes go, I've opted for purple with teal and pink stars and glitter. Totally awesome!



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