Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Re(handi)cap!

Hi Everybody!

Are all my readers getting used to writing 2013 on everything yet? I'm still working on it ;)

Tonight I figured I'd take a look back and remember 2012...

- I lost my Emma. I still can't believe it's almost been a year since she left. 

- Nellie, Frida, and Mama Pig became a trio! 
- My heated blanket almost caught fire, beginning my quest for a proper heat pack

- Thanks to my trusty heat pack NPH, I had a fairly good month pain wise... for once

- I volunteered at a local animal shelter and watched two piggies
- Fanny the ass tumor begins her final assault, it's a terrible month pain wise and I have trouble sitting down

- Mama Pig got sick and we had a few very close calls. It took about the entire month for her to get better
- I had my first MRI... had to wait for a long ass time to get results

- Finally got the damn results. It confirmed that Fanny was a massive tumor irritating my sciatic nerve. The decision on whether or not to have her removed was left completely to me... I decided to remove that mofo.

- Aggie injured her eye, said injury caused some very serious aggression issues and she had to be separated from Maggie
- CRIPPLEFEST! Single greatest week of my year right there. Hang out with ALL the cripples!

- Maggie moved in with Nellie, Frida, and Mama Pig... the Quartet was born
- We had a crap ton of people over at my house for my mother & grandmother's birthdays
- I made a pilgrimage to Bethel Woods! 
- Holy crap Fanny was causing me SO MUCH PAIN

- My friend and I hosted a Scentsy Fundraiser. We raised over 300 dollars for the MHE Coalition and we obtained 20 stuffed animals to send to children having operations! 

- I returned to work after recovering from surgery and was pleasantly surprised by how much pain I was not in
- Hurricane Sandy... no power for 10 days... nuff said 

- We got our power back, we spent the rest of the month being thankful

- I turned 24!!!
- I took a vacation and went to Tennessee, as my prior post shows... it was awesome

So there ya have it folks, Crippie's year in a nutshell. Here's to hoping that 2013 brings more adventures!

Crippie's Tippie - Do you suck at remembering all the important/special things that happen in the year? Write 'em down somewhere, whether it be a journal or a blog. It's also good to have a physical record.


  1. Great job at remembering all those facts. I tried looking back and could not come up with one single items. That's pretty bad.

    1. I couldn't remember most of them! I had look back in my blog history to see what happened! Apparently my memory ain't what it used to be ;)


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