Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drive Me Crazy

Ohai Everybody!

I hope everyone has been fairing well with all these lovely weather changes. I've been super achy and I somehow managed to hurt my arm a little while ago. It should be better by morning, but still... weird.

Today was my day off from work. I spent it working on my New Year's Resolution of working on my damn driving anxieties. I had to pick up someone at a place that I am REALLY not okay with driving to. Well, it had to be done so with my grandmother and a GPS by my side I drove. Let's just say the whole thing was an experience and I'm amazed I didn't freak out. I'm absolutely petrified of getting lost,  driving in some weird place where I have no idea where I am. So what happened when we went? We got lost, naturally. Yes, even with a GPS I managed to get my ass lost... AND I had to drive on some rather unsavory and confusing roads. So yeah... that was fun... NOT -_-

I'm kinda surprised I didn't have an anxiety attack honestly. I was swearing quite a bit and obsessively fidgeting... but all things considered that's not terrible. Had I been the only person in the car it would have been a different story. I probably would have pulled over and freaked out. I just tried to put my faith in my damn GPS. It took awhile and some crazy freaking roads, but we got to our destination, early as a matter of fact. On the way home the person I picked up gave proper direction, they also involved the occasional unsavory road, but I knew that SOMEONE knew where they were going, so that helped.

In hindsight it was a mildly entertaining experience, but at the time I was freaking terrified! That being said, I'm proud of myself for driving to this demon location with it's freaking weird roads. It feels good to work on your resolutions. This is definitely a step in the right direction. Let's hope the progress doesn't end here :)

BTW, if anyone is curious, I used the "Waze" GPS app on my phone. It took me on some freaking weird ass roads, but it ultimately got me to my destination. I think I have to play around with it before I can fully trust it with on a solo trip somewhere.

Crippie's Tippie - Allow yourself extra time when driving to new places, helps factor in the whole "YOU CAN AND WILL GET LOST" thing


  1. Good going girl! You can be very proud of yourself. I'm probably 3 times your age and there are places I don't like driving either. Sometimes I'm forced into it, but other times I avoid it like the plague! For what it's worth - I've been hurting big time also. Dang weather.

  2. And you kept talking back to your GPS and cursing at it. And sometimes you refused to listen to the voice on the other end. No wonder we got lost! But the scenic route was sort of fun! :-)

  3. Waze is unfortunately not as super trustworthy as say a Garmin or a TomTom, considering you don't pay hundreds of dollards to obtain it. I've noticed in crappier service areas, it has a harder time redirecting if you happen to take a wrong turn. Brightside, Sister Spy? YOU FREAKIN' DROVE AND YOU OWNED THOSE UNSAVORY ROADS! May I suggest plugging your phone (or whatever device you have Waze on) into some auxillary plug or something and listen to Pandora or something. I find when driving to place I don't know, that when the little GPS voice thingy comes over like an apparition through my sound system, it's easier to deal with, rather than looking down at my phone every 5 mins to see where I have to turn, then miss it!

    Waze is also completelyconditioned through its users, users have the ability to alter maps. Maybe check out all routes to your destination, it may take longer, but if you're more comfortable on heavier traveled roads, it can help you plan your route before even leaving the house, lessening the "misdirectional anxiety".

    Proud of you, sister spy. Miss you. Hope are doing well!
    --(Soccer Spy)--


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