Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weather You Like It Or Not

I made a punny! YAY CRIPPIE!

I don't know about you guys, but HOLY CRAP I HATE THIS WEATHER! The pressure's been changing like crazy, thus making me a very achy little cripple. I've been pretty damn useless over the past couple of days. I go to work, and then go home and snuggle with Glenn the heat pack, that's it. We're supposed to have snow and ice tomorrow, and I am definitely feeling it. Yeaaaaahhhh... moving is not fun right now. On the bright side, my pain medications have kicked in so I am temporarily a very happy camper.

Just a friendly reminder to all my cripples out there facing similar wintry conditions... SHARP OBJECTS ARE YOUR FRIEND! Ice picks on your cane... DO IT! Those ice-grip things for your shoes, go for it! The last thing we need is a downed cripple on the ice. Just be careful and be safe y'all.

In other non "OMG I HATE MOTHER NATURE SO MUCH" news... my guinea pigs are evil little bastards. Apparently while I was at work they all got together and formulated a plan. First, they would scream until my grandmother gave them salad. Then when my mother got home they would start screaming for salad again without telling her that they had already eaten. Their diabolical plan worked and they got double salads tonight. Needless to say the food comas were adorable.
It's a good thing they're cute, what can I say. They're cute, evil, well-fed creatures ;)

Crippie's Tippie - Seriously, put spikes on ALL THE THINGS!


  1. Thanks friend for the reminder about the ice clips for the cane. I need to order 2 TODAY. Since I'm old and retired, I just don't go out if it's too slippery to walk. LOVE your piggies. They are the cutest ever - those little conniving bundles of fur. I'm still laughing over the trick they pulled. You are so right about hurting - I'm living with the ice pack these days.

  2. The weather stations should put out something like this:

    And a weather advisory has been issued for MHE'ers in the tristate region.

    My joints ache from this and it's worst when the weather does a 180 degree turn around. It takes my body days to get used to it.

    You have very cute babies.

    Veteran MHE'er


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