Monday, January 21, 2013

Sure, You'll Listen to Obama but Not to Me!


I hope everyone enjoyed their Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I spent my day working and popping tylenols for a freakishly sore back. I did get to go into work late-ish today so I got to watch the inauguration today. I don't know about you guys but I enjoyed what I saw, and I wasn't the only one in my house who agreed. Angel was "watching" with the family, and by watching I mean sleeping on the couch. Someone on the TV said "All rise" and the next thing we know Angel is sitting at full attention, watching the TV. If that isn't funny enough when the person said "You may be seated" she went back to sleep! I don't get it, she hardly listens to us! But I guess she's a democrat.

Believe it or not she is not the only political pet in our household. Even though Helen slept through today's festivities, she made her opinions known during the election. Whenever I'd watch a debate with her she'd start growling whenever Obama spoke! She'd be perfectly fine with Romney but as soon as Obama started talking she'd make her opinions known that she did NOT like him. At all! So yeah, one of my dogs is a democrat and the other is a republican. My guess is that when they are not busy sleeping or eating they are discussing whatever current events they heard when they were awake.

The piggies don't particularly care about politics, and they probably won't unless someone proposes a ban on lettuce. If that ever happens... ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!

In other news, the scar from Fanny's removal has officially keloided. No longer is it a scar that's kinda puffy for the time being but will flatten out in a year or two... nope... mofo is a keloid. Since this scar is on a sensitive area that moves around a lot, it gets rather painful from time to time. It's not as painful as Fanny was so I don't mind the trade off... but still... the bastard hurts. I'm trying to put lotion on it but me thinks I might need to invest in a scar cream to help soften this sucker. Any suggestions in good scar creams? Would a stretch mark lotion be better? Help me comrades! WHAT SHOULD I DO!

In other, other news, I've been rejected for disability AGAIN. This time we sent an ass ton of papers and medical records, and my doctor needs to fill out some forms stating that I am in fact, a cripple. Ugh, I hate to say it but if I get rejected again I'm not gonna bother fighting it. For the amount of money I'd be getting, it's not worth putting in any more effort.

That's it for tonight folks, y'all have a good tomorrow. STAY WARM!

Crippie's Tippie - Dogs are smarter than they look sometimes


  1. oh dear giirl! I'm so sorry you were rejected AGAIN! I know it's frustrating to go thru this, but don't give up fighting. They want you to give up and if you do, you''ll make it easy for them! You have a long life to live ahead of you yet and even few $$ monthly can make a difference. Keep pressing on because they depend on a certain number of people giving up in the process - less $ to pay out., For the skin problems you might try: Cocoon by AminoGenesis. You might have to find it and order it on line., It's expensive. The beauty shop where I go recommended it to me for marks on my face. I think you might even find an article on the net - just search Cacoon by AminoGenesis. I do not know for sure that it would help you, but unless someone else comes up with the name of something they are sure will work, give it a try. The other one you might try would be Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Lotion, but Palmers. THis one has been around for years. I use it exclusively for dry skin and it does wonders for that. Good luck.

  2. I can testify that Angel was asleep during the inauguration preparations, and when the TV voice said, "Please rise for the benediction," the puppy stood up and watched the screen. When the prayer was over and everyone was seated, she went back to sleep. :-)


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