Monday, April 8, 2013

HAWMC - Nobody Ever Suspects the Butterfly


Before I explain that reference I should probably tell y'all what today's prompt is. If your health condition was an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?

Well, as soon as I heard the prompt I immediately thought of this...

Once I got the Simpsons reference out of my system I actually thought about the question. I think I found a pretty accurate representation of my disability in animal form. Ladies and gentlemen I give you... THE EUSKELOSAURUS! 

RAWR it's a dinosaur! Not just any dinosaur though... this bad boy is kinda crippled. It has bowed arms and legs. It reminds me of how I usually carry my arms. For the record I can straighten my arms for the most part, it's just not terribly comfortable.

I hope I answered that question correctly. I'm not sure... but then again this prompt really doesn't make a whole lotta sense. Meh... whatever. Moral of the story... dinosaurs were also full of bowed limbed goodness.

Crippie's Tippie - If you ever get the choice to be reincarnated as animal. Become a butterfly. Nobody ever suspects the butterfly. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. What a great post again. You certain are creative girl. ha ha - that film still has me laughing.

  2. Thanks for making me are very witty with your humor and I like your pic on the other post you did about Dear MHE you suck

    Veteran MHE'er


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