Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crippie's Intake Appointment


As the title suggests, today was my intake appointment with the "help cripples get jobs" people. I was expecting a long review of my medical history, listing everything I can't do (I've had to do that before... super fun), and a brief description of what I would like to do in terms of work. In actuality it was a lot of paperwork, a long review of my education history, listing every job that I have done (MINI CRIPPIE TIPPIE- BRING YOUR RESUME TO YOUR INTAKE APPOINTMENTS, SAVES LOTS OF TIME). I was pleasantly surprised how they really didn't focus on what I can't do, but more what I want to do with my life. I'm rather optimistic at this point that this service will help me obtain some form of employment.

I returned home after the meeting, only to find a crap ton of emails in my inbox. I NEVER get crap a ton of emails. All of these emails were notifications from, a social network for bloggers. Curious I looked deep into my inbox to find that I was chosen as one of the "Editor's Picks of the day". This is pretty much how Crippie's mind processed this honor...

Crippie's Brain- Hmmm, buncha emails... hmmmm, all from bloggers, oh I'm the Editor's pick of the day, cool *FIVE MINUTES LATER* HOLY CRAP I'M THE EDITOR'S PICK OF THE DAY!!!

I've gotta give a big thanks to whoever picked Crippie and also a bigger thanks to everyone that reads this :D

Crippie's Tippie- Crippie is a good worker, hire Crippie


  1. I like the way you live your life.

    To the fullest. With humor.

    Doesn't get better than that. :)


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