Friday, July 29, 2011

Why Not Me?


OVER 2,000 BLOG VIEWS... OH MY GOOD N' PLENTY!!! I really am thankful that I have so many viewers, followers, and commenters. I have yet to delete a troll comment on this blog (watch, now I'm gonna get a bunch of 'em). As a reward for loyal viewership I'll answer a question that is impossible to answer... "Why do you think you're disabled?"

Honestly, I'm not a very religious person. I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I have never thought that "God  has a plan for you and wanted you to be a cripple" is a valid excuse. Is it possible? Sure, why not. I just don't like the idea of God wanting me to be a cripple if that makes any sense.

Personally I turn to the fact that humans are imperfect and things go wrong with the human body all the time. The simplest thing like a minute change in your DNA can have massive effects on a person. That's what happened to me, one of my genes mutated. The defective gene caused my genetic disorder. My genetic disorder caused my arthritis. Complications from surgery caused my RSD.

Apart from the technicality, I do not believe that there is a reason for me to be a cripple. Sith happens. So as to why I think I'm disabled... I was just lucky enough to have a genetic mutation.

Crippie's Tippie- It really doesn't matter why you are disabled, what really matters is everything you are going to do in spite of it.


  1. DISAGREE. everything happens for a reason!

  2. I am religious, but girl, I am SO with you on this one! I would never claim that God wanted you to be crippled or that you were "supposed to be" disabled. But what you say, simply that the world is imperfect and unfortunate things happen to all of us (sadly, more so to some than others) is more the way that I think. But I do believe that God is good and in control and that praying to him lightens the burden or at least helps us along; no matter what the alledged "reason" behind the burden may be.


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