Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Criplomatic Immunity

'Ello Guv'nah

Today I would like to discuss Criplomatic Immunity with you all. Criplomatic Immunity is one of the few perks of being crippled. Essentially it is when a cripple gets some special treatment (handicap parking, first in line sorta thing) or special service (financial aid) purely because they are disabled. For example, a certain program paid for my driving lessons because I needed special help. This program also helped pay for my college education. Why? Because it's ultimately cheaper than paying my disability checks.

Generally speaking I do not discuss my perks with "normal" people because they have gotten rather mad at me for having some nice benefits. "What did I do to deserve free driving lessons?" "You didn't do anything to deserve free textbooks" "I didn't do anything special to warrant these perks". My response to people like this is pretty simple and straightforward...

Shut up. Yeah, I didn't deserve these perks, but I also don't deserve to be in pain all of time. Which would you rather have a normal life with no perks, or a life of a cripple with the occasional perk. Believe me, the normal route is so much better. Almost every aspect of my life is made painful thanks to my disability, why shouldn't I take advantage of a good parking space?

Criplomatic Immunity honestly helps keep me sane. There are times when my life flat out sucks, but the perks help even things out.

Crippie's Tippie- Don't call crippples who take hand-outs and perks greedy. I can guarantee that you would do the same thing if the tables were turned.

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  1. You are a really good writer with an honest voice. I appreciate that. Honestly, when I see someone with a disability, I usually I try and be especially kind, but then I always feel a bit guilty and wonder if they would prefer if I just treated them like anyone else, as if there was no disability. But this makes a lot of sense, what you say here. There is good reason to be kinder than necessary when someone experiences daily difficulties. Every little bit helps, right?


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