Monday, July 11, 2011

Urbandictionary Lolz


A few posts ago I mentioned how the definition of "crippie" on Urbandictionary leaves something to be desired. Upon closer inspection I found out that the word crippie also means "a crippled hippie". My qualms with Urbandictionary are no more.

Here's a list of my favorite Urbandictionary cripple related words and definitions...

Criplomatic Immunity- The status attained by those who are either permanently or temporarily crippled. Since they are going through a terrible period of their lives, they deserve fringe benefits in their daily lives. 

Cripple Cart- A electric wheelchair intended for use by the handicapped, most often seen at supermarkets.

Cripple Fight- a cripple fight is a fight between 2 cripple's is called a cripple fight as used on South Park usually involving the items that help the cripple's live out there lives to some normallity such as a wheelchair or crutches

Cripple Grape- The shriveled up grape found among a bunch of normal grapes.

Cripple Hot- Someone so hot they could cripple you.

Cripple Stick- the blue handicapped parking pass that you hang around your mirror when at walmart.

Cripple Sticks- Crutches. Walking aids such as canes...

Cripple Crapper- Disabled toilets.

Cripple-Copter- Any wheel-chair with aerial capabilities, A flying wheel-chair, When you launch a paraplegic out of a cannon

Crippletastic- A combination of the word cripple and fantastic used to describe great things that cripples do.

Cripster- A crippled hipster. He thinks you'll buy the get-up and grab that sympathy card, but you know those leg braces are just too ironic.

and my personal favorite...

Cripple- A person who has a disability and embraces it, rather than feeling sorry for themselves.

Crippie's Tippie For Those Who Are Offended By This- GET A SENSE OF HUMOR! Seriously, you gotta laugh at the situation sometimes. 

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  1. Hi, Crippie.. What can I say.. your blog is fun to read! Will keep coming back! :)


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