Saturday, June 25, 2011



As my fellow New Yorkers might have noticed... this past week's weather has been interesting to say the least. We had a few good torrential downpours by me. When normal people hear the words "IT'S GON' RAIN" from any weather person apart from Ollie Williams they generally think time to get out the umbrella ella ella ella eh eh... DAMN RIHANNA. When I hear "IT'S GON' RAIN" I think "IT'S GON' HURT". As mentioned here, one of the reasons I am a crippie is that I have arthritis. My arthritis is on the minor side compared to, let's say an elderly person, but I have it none the less. Changes in barometric pressure and humidity have a profound effect on people with arthritis. Said changes cause our joints to further swell, and thus more pain. Several of this weeks storms literally rendered me useless. I was going to blog about something but I could barely move my hands. Again, keep in mind my arthritis isn't terrible, I can only imagine what people with severe arthritis go though. So what does a crippie do in times of massive weather changes? I recommend the following things...
1) Pain medications
2) Moist heat
3) Rest

On to more pressing issues. Whilst rendered useless I went to and typed in the word "crippie". Much to my dismay the definition had NOTHING to do with cripples at all, it meant "very good pot". I tried to add my own definition for the word, but alas it was rejected. Loyal readers, join me in revamping Urban Dictionary's definition of the word crippie by submitting your own definition. If possible, try not to make it about drugs or some perverted sex act... it's been done enough.

Crippie's Tippie- Arthritis can be a bitch if not properly treated and managed. If you have arthritis, take care of yourself. Do your exercises, take your medicines, take your vitamins, etc. I recommend Omega 3 fish oils, glucosamine, and chondroitin. 


  1. I feel you about knowing when the rain is going to come. My arthritis, mixed with my Fibromyalgia, always lets me know when rain is coming. And if I somehow miss it, my mini barometric checker in the form of my youngest generally lets me know by having seizure issues. For some reason his seizures are much more active in the wet and rainy shifting of barometric pressures!

  2. My mom has fibro and arthritis too! We are generally more accurate than the weather channel!

    I think I read somewhere that shifts in barometric pressure effect many disabilities.


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