Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Needles, Shots, and IVs... OH MY

Oh hai,
This blog hop is going swimmingly, I've already met a bunch of awesome people. Keep the posts coming guys!

So as mentioned in a prior post I have a tattoo. I've had it for about two years.
Here's my tattoo, it's a bird designed by Charley Harper! 

One question people ask me is "did it hurt?". Well, yeah, it's a tattoo, someone is drawing on your skin with a needle, of course it hurts. The real question was "how much did it hurt". Due to years of surgeries I have a very high pain threshold. So getting a tattoo didn't really hurt that much. Granted, I got my tattoo on my shoulder blade which is a relatively pain free area. If I got a tattoo on my ribcage this would be a very different story. Actually I've been able to compare the pain of a tattoo to various other needle procedures I've had done. So without further adieu I give you...
1) Putting in an IV- when this is not done by someone who knows what they are doing it hurts like a mofo and it continues to hurt for about an hour. Although this is relatively painless when a "professional" does it.
2) Getting a tattoo- This gets second place because while it is mainly an uncomfortable feeling, it'll be uncomfortable until the tattoo is done.
3) Giving blood- It takes a bigger needle, but the pain goes away super fast.
4) Having blood drawn- It really doesn't hurt and whatever pain you might feel goes away within a few seconds.
5) Getting a shot- It literally takes two seconds, you should be able to suck up the stinging feeling for two seconds.

Crippie's Tippie- Make sure that person shoving an IV needle into your arm knows what they are doing.

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