Monday, June 27, 2011

Fellow Crippie's Unite!


One of the main reasons I blog is to give support for other people in my situation. So when I found a blog hop of blogs related to disabilities by Kat's Cafe I knew I had to join to. I urge my fellow crippies to check these blogs out, ya never know what kind of information you will find on 'em.

Crippie's Tippie: Check out my fellow crippie's blogs!


  1. Thanks so much for doing this! I appreciate you setting up the Linky at your site as well! I would LOVE to see tons of people adding this! Keeping your site up to look around some more as well!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I'm hoping to see a bunch of blogs on this thing.

  3. I am love, love, loving this blog hop! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  4. Hopped over from Kat's Cafe. Love your style!


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