Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book 'Em

Hi Everybody!

In my post about distractions I mentioned that I am not a huge reader. Blogger doesn't like to read... ironic ain't it. Anyways I figured I would actually do a count of books that I have willingly purchased for non-school reasons that have no pictures in them. Ready for the grand total *drum roll* TWO. I purchased two books with no pictures in them! I'm actually surprised by that number, I thought it was lower. Like zero.
Now that I think about it, I do use books for distractions, just in a different way. While some of these books I bought for inspiration for work, some I bought because I thought the stuff inside was pretty. I like looking at pretty things because it helps distract me from the ugly things that might be happening in my life. I like art books because you can cram a lot of pretty into one book. I could spend the money on a painting or a print and get one pretty thing OR I could get a book and get over a 100 pretty things that I can look at whenever my little heart desires.

Off Topic- I'm watching "The Daily Show". Cameron Diaz is removing Jon Stewart's stitches. While I can hear some audience members cringing I am not grossed out by this at all. I'm actually  impressed by her ability to do that. I now feel morally obliged to see her movie.

Crippie's Tippie- Like the idea of pretty books, check out this blog. It has oodles of pretty books. I look at the pretty books there all the time. It's honestly one of the top hits on my safari browser. 

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