Friday, July 1, 2011

Happiness at the Fortune (and Misfortune) of Others

Oh hai!

I had a very interesting day today. First of all, I SOLD MY FIRST CANE! It's really cute actually, a lady that I met at my school for a few minutes bought one for her mother. Now her mother is gonna be stylin' in a bright purple cane with a rainbow pattern I designed! For all the other crippies out there with "normal" canes, go to my new site "Raising Cane" where I sell canes that actually look good!

Today I also had a rather humorous experience. I was walking to drugstore when I heard some teenagers talking. One of them why trying to sound cool and whilst talking to his friends said something like "MAN SHE WAS CRIPPED UP IN THAT CAR YO". About 3 seconds after he says this I walk by, with my crutch and all and his eyes bug out of his head and he darts his eyes away from me as fast as humanly possible. I found this whole encounter extremely hilarious and I LOL'ed once I was a safe distance away from the newly frightened teenager. Partly because I still have no idea what that kid was talking about, mainly because the kid got caught saying something he knows he shouldn't be saying! I wasn't offended by what he said, but I know people that would be. It's moments like that which fill my heart with joy.

Crippie's Tippie- Be cautious when using potentially offensive words, you never know who can hear you.

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