Thursday, August 25, 2011


Howdy Y'all

Yes it is true, I SURVIVED THE GREAT NEW YORK EARTHQUAKE! I hope you all enjoy my incredible story about my struggle for survival during the natural disaster.
I was at home, minding my own business, just sitting on the couch when all of the sudden I notice that the couch is vibrating. My crippie survival instincts kicked in and I thought "Gee, this is weird, the couch is vibrating, I guess the washing machine is acting up". I bravely stayed on that couch for an additional 10 seconds and then I realized that the ceiling fan was also shaking. It was then I realized "hmm, that's weird, everything is still shaking". I courageously continued to sit on that sofa for an incredible 15 seconds until the shaking stopped. It was a shocking 30 minutes after that when I realized "HOLY CRAP I JUST EXPERIENCED AN EARTHQUAKE... YAY ME". 
In other words I was pretty damn oblivious during the whole thing. There was no damage to the house, all of the pets were unharmed and unfazed by the situation (more than half of them slept through it). I have decided to call the "great NY quake" by a more fitting "cripplequake", cause let's face it people... it was purdy weak. 
While cripplequake was really weak, I think it caused me a fair amount of weather related pain. My hip has been in really bad shape for the past few days. Like, its really painful for me to walk unaided bad. On the morning of cripplequake pain in my hip had literally rendered me completely useless. That's why I was sitting on the couch during said quake, cause I was in too much pain to do anything else. Me thinks the pending hurricane is also causing me much discomfort. So yeah, I am not a happy camper with this weather. 
This hip pain has really been kicking in me the butt. I'm crossing my fingers that it is weather related pain not "giant tumor in your hip is growing" pain. If it's the second there might be another huge surgery on the horizon... craptacular. 

Crippie's Question For People With Hip Pain- What do you do to alleviate it? Do exercises help? Vitamins? Acupuncture? Anything? If you have an answer post your answer in the comment section *puppy does eyes*

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