Monday, August 1, 2011


Ohai Everybody!

In case you guys are wondering why I usually post at insane hours of the night...
a) I'm still on a college student sleep schedule
b) I think I do my best work at night... at least I like to think that
c) I'm usually in pain during the night and blogging helps distract me.
Choice "c" is the reason tonight. My hip freaking hurts. Apart from the feeling that a lead balloon is expanding in my hip socket (arthritis) me thinks that either a tendon or a ligament has caught somewhere in the hip joint (MHE). In other words, I'm in a lot of discomfort and pain right now. The pain meds I take should kick in soon, but in the meantime... OUCHIES!

However, I'm not going to let a little problem like acute pain get in the way of the awesome weekend I had. This weekend was CRIPPLEFEST, the day where me and some of my fellow cripple that have MHE get to hang out. While Cripplefest was small this year, only 4 cripples, we had a wide array of people. Even though we varied in ages from mid 50s to 10 years old and have only been in the same room with one another for maybe a few hours, we feel like family. My cripples and I had a dandy time competing in scar wars (I won), surgery wars (I won), asshole doctor awards (didn't win), and impressive tumor awards (didn't win... RIP Pointy). One of the other cripples and I had a dandy time discussing our hatred for high-heeled shoes (they royally hurt our ankles) and how flats need to be prettier. It really is fun to be able to talk with people who are in the same boat that you are. Cripplefest is probably the only day a year when I truly feel "normal".

A group of Crippie's Tippie's for fellow Crippies- If your doctor doesn't know about your disability... find another doctor. If your doctor knows about your disability but continues to screw up... find another doctor. If your doctor doesn't listen to you... say it with me everyone FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!

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