Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crippie Is Crossing Her Crippled Little Fingers


Ever since I showed Frida her picture on this blog she has turned into such a little diva, demanding extra carrots, extra pellets, AND a dressing room. I think my guinea pig is a bit of a fame whore.

To put Frida down a peg I'm posting a picture of Aggie, one of 5 other piggies in my house. While she is a total loud mouth, she's not a diva.

Moving on, as mentioned in many a prior post... I REALLY WANT A JOB! I'm constantly on the hunt for a job that
a) I can do
b) I can get to
c) Is willing to hire a recent college grad

Most of time I cannot find anything near me that fits the bill. You can only imagine that my surprise when I spotted a local Craig's List ad that fits all of my requirements. HOLY CRAP! I literally just found the ad maybe ten minutes ago. I'm gonna take my time a craft a spiffy cover letter but I am totally gonna apply there today. I have a really good feeling about this job and I think I can do really well there. Let's just hope it's not a scam. Cross your fingers for Crippie everybody and hope for the best.


Aggie's Tippie- Be careful on Craig's List, there are some very bad people there. Also, hire my mommy.

UPDATE- Crippie followed Aggie's advice and looked into the company, they are known for not paying their designers... boo. THE JOB HUNT RAGES ON! 

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