Friday, August 5, 2011

Driving Miss Crippie


YAY I managed to post in a timely matter *pats self on back*!!!

So as mentioned here, I am in the process of acquiring transportation so I can function in the workforce. Apart from the general issue of paying for a damn car (CARS, INSURANCE, AND GAS... Y U SO EXPENSIVE) I'm in the process of "re-learning" to drive if you will. Several surgeries on my legs and hips have kept me out of the driver's seat for a few years. You see, in order to drive I have to be comfortable behind the wheel of a car. Along with the physical pain that driving occasionally brings I also have a bit of anxiety about driving.

Me thinks the reason behind my anxiety is a mild case of OCD. I have a tendency to worry about wrecking the car and killing all the passengers in the car. Sometimes this fear keeps me from driving. This could be considered a very huge issue, seeing as how driving is necessary to find a job given my current location. While I consider this an issue, I don't consider it a huge issue. As a matter of fact, compared to all the other issues I have, anxiety is the least of my worries.

Now comes the true question, "Well, how the hell are you gonna drive?" The way I see things is that my form of anxiety can be treated rather easily. What I have to do is force myself to drive. I go into "Lieutenant Crippie Mode" Here is Crippie's thought process...

Crippie's Anxiety- I don't wanna drive
Lieutenant Crippie- DO YOU WANT A JOB
Crippie's Anxiety- Well... of course
Crippie's Anxiety- But... what if I wreck?
Lieutenant Crippie- Then you'll wreck... what if you never get a job?
Crippie's Anxierty- Then I won't be a functioning member of society
Lieutenant Crippie- WHAT DO NORMAL PEOPLE DO?
Lieutenant Crippie- CAN YOU DRIVE?!?!?
Crippie's Anxiety- SIR YES SIR
Lieutenant Crippie- THEN GO OUT THERE AND BE NORMAL!!!

Yes I actually do that in my head... what... it helps. Here are a few other things I do to avoid having a panic attack whilst driving...
1- Listen to music- For some reason the soundtrack to "Assassins" always calms me down.
2- Channel your anxiety into other places- When I'm driving I keep my pocketbook on my lap and I keep the AC from blowing in my face. It just makes me feel more secure.
3- Try to Rationalize- I constantly try to remind myself that the chances of me wrecking are slim, this isn't always successful, but it doesn't hurt to remind yourself of it.

Crippie's Tippie- If you suffer from anxiety that you cannot get rid of and impacts your quality of life... see someone about it. There is no reason for you to suffer in silence.

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