Tuesday, August 23, 2011

These Shews Rule!


Yes, that "Kelly" song will never, ever go away. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and Monday. My weekend went relatively well. I got a fair amount of freelancing done. The only real thing of "interest" that did over the weekend was that I obtained some new shoes. Before you go turn to another website, allow me to explain why I think shews would be a remotely interesting blog topic. 
I was 10 years old when I got RSD (nerve disorder, uber painful). The RSD made my left foot swollen and impossible to touch, thus no shoes. Ever since then the hunt for shoes has become more than "what do I like?" but into "what can I wear?". While thankfully my RSD is in remission and both my feet are the same size again, I still have a lot of problems finding shoes. My MHE caused one of my toes to be malformed, I guess one would call it a hammertoe. My ankles are also riddled with tumors so finding shoes that don't irritate that is a challenge. I also can't bend down to tie shoes.
While I would enjoy the ability to pick whichever shews my little heart desired (and trust me, I could've been a shoe whore) I'm content with the ability to just wear shoes. At the same time, I've had to wear ugly orthopedic shoes and I refuse to look that again. I like to try to find happy mediums of what I would like to wear and what I can wear. 

1) Heels are the devils work- Heels just do not work for me, they put my ankles at a weird angle and are very painful. Some people might be able to walk in them somehow... I just don't see how. 
2) Flats are awesome- Practical and stylish... I see no objections here.
3) Cloth... Also Awesome- Cloth is in general very nice and flexible, unlike leather shoes which can be less forgiving. 
4) You Don't Necessarily Have to Put Comfort First- First I see if a shoe FITS me, if it isn't the most comfortable shoe in the world I just obtain some inserts. Simple solution. 
5) Slip On Shoes Are Simply Smashing- Most styles of shoes have a slip on variety, I approve of these very much. Laces and even velcro can be a challenge for someone who cannot reach their toes. 

Crippie's Tippie- Just because you might have to put some extra effort into something that doesn't mean that it isn't worth doing.

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