Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Disability & Pets


I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and Mondays. I went to see a lovely production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Anyone who has ever checked my tumblr has probably seen a picture or two of my guinea pigs. The little bundle of cuteness to your left is Frida, my piggie. She is one of six guinea pigs that I own. Frida is also, ironically, a cripple. She has benign fatty tumors in her body. They don't cause her any pain so I don't mind saying "CRIPPIE'S PIGGIE IS ALSO A CRIPPIE".
Apart from being freakishly adorable, my pets help me manage my disability. Nothing makes a bad day go away quite like this little face. Snuggling with a pet helps lower blood pressure and your heart rate. Did I mention that they are really freakin' adorable?

While there is a dog in my house who will occasionally grace my tumblr with her presence, I prefer guinea pigs over dogs for several reasons...
1) You don't have to walk them
2) You don't have to walk them
3) You don't have to walk them
4) You can snuggle with them for a rather long while
5) I can take care of them on my own

Naturally there are some serious things to consider before obtaining a guinea pig
1) They shed like crazy
2) They require lots of hay, food, and salad
3) You need to change their cages 
4) Bedding, food, etc costs money
5) Piggies can get sick a rack up a very expensive vet bill

Obtaining a pet is a very serious decision to make, for more information about guinea pigs and how to make sure your piggies are properly cared for check this link out. So what about you guys? Am I the only Crippie that has piggies or a bunch of pets for that matter?

Crippie's Tippie- When choosing a pet, make sure you pick something that you are physically capable of taking care of. You don't want the animal to have a lesser quality of life because you can't take care of them.

Frida's Tippie- BUY MY MOMMY'S BOOK! Use the coupon code SINK305 to get 20% off your entire Lulu order! 

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