Saturday, November 24, 2012

NHBPM - Crippie Kills A Walker


Yeah, I'm totally looking forward to tonight's blog prompt, so I'll just jump into it...

Write a TV episode of your favorite show that features someone with your condition. What do you want people to know?

This is a no brainer (pun intended)... tonight I'm gonna put another cripple in "The Walking Dead". If you don't watch the show at all you can scroll down to the bottom of the post where I'll discuss other non-zombie related things. 

Alrighty, I'm gonna put my new cripple character in this season's Prison/Woodbury arc and name 'em Crippie because I feel like it. Crippie is a resident of Woodbury. She has MHE, walks with a cane, and no one believes strong enough to unleash a can of whoop ass on a walker. Crippie keeps a very low profile, all the while becoming ever more aware that the governor is out of his damn mind. Over time she gains the governor's trust, becoming privy to more and more information. Now cut to tomorrow's episode where the governor has several members of Rick's group hostage. Crippie decides to take action and release the hostages. First, she finds Merle Machete hand as he is torturing one of the members of the group. He laughs her off at first but there is something that no one knows about Crippie... her cane is a sword cane. With one swoop she cuts off his other hand (karma's a bitch Merle) and rescue's the first member of the group. Then, they go and find the governor who is "interrogating" the other member of the group. She places her sword back in her cane. Crippie limps in the room, claiming that there is an emergency. While the governor is caught off guard she whips out her sword again and proceeds to kick the governor's ass. Once both of the members are safe they run like the dickens outta Woodbury. While in the woods they meet up with Rick's group as they were coming to rescue the members. We then exact our revenge on Woodbury for torturing people. One of many epic battles ensues and Crippie proceeds to kick major ass. Considering that most of the secondary characters die fairly quickly on the show me thinks Crippie would probably have some form of hero's death scene. The other cripple on the show, One-Legged Hershel would find Crippie's sword cane and continue on the legacy of being a bad-ass cripple.

There ya have it, that should lead us back to an epic battle for the prison and an ultimate showdown between Rick & the governor. Moral of the story? Don't underestimate the cripple... we will mess you up. 

NON ZOMBIE-RELATED CONTENT - I have a question for y'all. Since my surgery two months ago my scar has become rather annoying. It's starting to keloid and I feel like there's a lot of scar tissue in general. This area (my lower back) moves around a lot and that skin has to stretch, and my scar is simply not cooperating. It hurts and I occasionally get sharp stinging pains from it. Have any of you guys experienced anything similar? Anyone have any tips or tricks to ease the situation? Lotions? Vitamin E? Anything? 

Crippie's Tippie - if you want to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, there are many weapons that can be disguised as canes. Mainly swords and tasers. 

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  1. No experience here - I think you've had much more experience in these matters than I have had. It sounds miserable tho.


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