Friday, November 16, 2012

NHBPM - Cripple Rage Comic


Happy Friday everybody! Tonight's NHBPM blog prompt certainly looks entertaining...

Create a comic strip about your health/life/community

Oboi! Sounds exciting! I opted to be the internet female that I am and make a "rage comic" because they're easy to make. Without further ado I give y'all a rage comic summarizing my disability...

There we have it people, my disease in a nutshell... my bones are riddled with troll tumors.

In other news, me thinks the weather is changing cause I've been rather achy recently. I can actually tell when my pain medicine starts kicking in at night. Gotta love that feeling of the pain melting away :) That plus my super awesome melatonin gummies have made night time less suck-y. I used to just toss and turn for hours hoping that I'd either get tired or stop hurting. Now I'm tired and not in pain. Yay for feeling normal!

In animal news, Angel's 2nd anniversary with us is this Sunday! Last year we cooked her a hamburger and she was happiest dog on the planet. This year, we don't have burgers and Angel is getting slightly porky, so I'm gonna cook her a slice or two of ham and make her run around the house for it. Angel might be a senior (vet says she's somewhere between 8-12 years old) but her face lights up when she sees food. Speaking of senior animals, Mama Pig is starting to show some signs of age. Primarily, she is getting lazy. She has her favorite spots near the hay and she prefers to stay there. I make her run around the cage daily just to be sure that she still can. Since she likes to stay in one place most of the time, she is also prone to lying in her filth. Thus, we have to change the bedding around her favorite spots every other day and wash her bum periodically. Once the weather gets warmer she's gonna have a nice long bath and a butt hair trim... oh joy. Mama is around 5 years old. I want to keep her happy and healthy for a long time. Me thinks I'm gonna obtain some multi-vitamins for her to try. Yes, there are multi-vitamins made specifically for guinea pigs. I'll do a review of 'em if I ever get any.

Crippie's Tippie - Wanna make your own epic rage comic? This is probably one of the better sites to make 'em on.

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