Saturday, November 10, 2012

NHBPM - Crippie (Finally) Gets Back To Business!


It's been a long almost two weeks, but things are finally getting back to normal. We didn't sustain any damage during that lovely snow storm, we got our power & internet back, and the gas lines are starting to subside. All the pets are alive and well. The generator, blankets, fleece, and general fatness kept the pigs warm and toasty. I'm gonna be monitoring them for a few days to make sure no one is hiding a respiratory infection. Helen stayed cozy by dressing in her warmest attire, and Angel really didn't notice that anything was out of the ordinary. As challenging as the past two weeks have been, it's good to see rising up and helping out those in need. I dunno if it's a NY/NJ thing... but when something tries to knock us down we get up, help one another, and we rebuild.

I'll rebuild New Jersey when I wake up, okay Mommy?

Moving on, now that I FINALLY have teh interwebz, I can finally participate in National Health Blog Post Month. I'm 10 days behind... but whatever. I'll use the other prompts when I can't think of anything to write about. Anwayyyyyyyy, today's prompt is...

Should people post about their (or loved ones) health on Facebook? Why/why not?

The answer: sometimes. My general rule of thumb is, if it's something that other people will actually care about... post away. I usually only post about my health while I'm recovering from surgery. That's a time when people are worried and it's a good way to update a bunch of people at once. 

As for posting about a loved one, I'm fine with it as long as it something people need to know. I know someone who's young child had cancer, and they frequently updated their facebook with how he was doing. That's perfectly fine in my book, his illness was very serious, and I got to watch him kick cancer's ass via facebook! Also, if the person you are writing about is able to give consent, do make sure you have it before posting anything. My relatives ask for my permission before posting anything about me because they know it's my story to tell. 

That being said, there are times when people cross lines. Do I need to know every time someone has a headache? Nope. Should you make entire facebook albums devoted to a relative's stay in the hospital? I dunno about you... but I find them reeeeeaaaallllyyyyy creepy. Then there are  people who clearly flaunt their children's illnesses on facebook for attention. I don't know if they want pity or something, but I find that behavior revolting. Stop exploiting your damn kids for likes and get off the damn computer. I know people like that and they are BEYOND creepy and annoying. These people sound like crazy attention whores, and I don't care for them in the slightest. 

So yup, there ya go :)

Crippie's Tippie - There are alternatives to posting on facebook, if you want to keep people updated you can make a blog. is a great site to check out. My grandma used to it blog about my grandpa's battle with cancer, you can check it out. 

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  1. Mario's mom here: Great post friend. You always bring up a topic to make us think! I'm so happy the biggies and you survived the power outages and big storms and are now back to normal. I think a lot of the communities are the same when it comes to "pitching in and helping each other in times of a disaster." Maybe it's the American way or the human way.


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