Sunday, November 18, 2012

Party Animals


Yup, I'm ignoring the blog prompt for tonight... not because it sucks or anything, but because I wanna save for it a day when I'm really awake so I can properly discuss it, plus I have other things to share with you guys today!

First off,  thank y'all for the ninja healing vibes. Birdie was feeling much better this morning and I didn't have to flip anyone off at work today. Me thinks Birdie will cause flare-ups from time to time, but it's nothing that I can't handle. Also, Birdie's location is nowhere near anything important like a nerve so she'd have to grow considerably for me to consider removing her.

Today was actually a pretty good day. It was a very animal-centered day. It started off when my relatives and I were returning home after obtaining some coffee. While driving up my driveway we see a buck chilling on my lawn. He looks at us, and he continues to lie down. We open and close our car doors, he just stares at us. We talk to him (for a distance), he looks at us as if he's saying "Bitch, I ain't afraid of you... IMMA BUCK!". He wasn't hurt or anything, he's a frequent visitor of my lawn, he's just not afraid of people.

Once I finished talking to the deer, I went inside and checked on my piggies. They're were being very cute. Not just cute, VERY FREAKING CUTE. Even though all of the pigs were being adorable, Frida managed to out-cute everyone else.

Those feetsies <3! Today was also special because it's Angel's birthday/adoption anniversary. She's been with us for two whole years and we love her to pieces. Angel might have her issues, but we love her and wouldn't trade her for the world. To celebrate our special girl I decided to cook some ham for her. I was so excited to give Angel her birthday treat I could hardly wait! So everybody sat down at the table and we prepared to give her the present. At the same time Angel came over and... uh... left her own presents if you catch my drift. She wasn't being bad or anything... she's a senior and sometimes she can't hold it in, we weren't mad at her or anything. Once everything was cleaned up we continued on with the party.

Needless to say Angel had a very happy birthday. She even got to lick the plate clean once all the ham was consumed, oh joy! Of course I couldn't leave Helen out of the festivities, ESPECIALLY when there is ham involved.

Helen is the Queen of begging. Not only will she give you killer puppy dog eyes, but she will also walk on her hind legs for a few steps in an attempt to get food. I still have no idea how a blind dog can have such an effective stare.

Well, I'm gonna hit the hay for the night. I hope these freakishly adorably pictures hold y'all over until tomorrow :)


Crippie's Tippie - If you don't want to give your pet people food (understandable if you don't) then I suggest a really awesome dog treat.

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  1. Both dogs are so freaking cute that I just want to give each one a big smooch. Same for the piggies - Frida was looking very adorable also.


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