Thursday, November 15, 2012

NHBPM - To The Tweeter!


I hope y'all had a lovely Thursday. I had a very busy day, so I'm gonna try and get to bed at a decent hour... try ;)

Before I answer today's blog prompt I just wanted to mention that my super epic Scentsy Fundraiser for The MHE Coalition has officially ended. I'll be sharing the results with y'all shortly, but I can safely say that we have brightened the days of a bunch of children. I wanna give a big shout out to everyone who participated and donated your hard earned money to the cause, I cannot thank you enough! Also, if anybody else is hosting a fundraiser hit me up and I'll gladly help promote it.

Moving on, I'm actually going to follow tonight's blog prompt, INSANITY!!!!!

Why healthcare companies (or healthcare professionals) should use social media

This prompt is super easy to answer... they should be able to use social media because it makes it so much easier for their customers to scald them in public! Whenever any company screws me over, I take my complaints to the tweeter. I make certain to either use their twitter handle or some kind of hashtag that makes it painfully obvious as to who has pissed me off. This way someone from their company sees that I'm pissed AND countless strangers will see that I'm pissed!

Healthcare companies should with out question use social media. These bastards need to know how much they are screwing us over and how we are not ok with it. If people shopping around for insurance  stumble across a company's facebook page and it's filled with nothing but hate mail and negative feedback do you think they'd choose that company. I don't think so. Think of their use of social media as a scarlet letter of sorts... except the A would stand for assholes. Also, this is probably the internet female side of me, but I'd also love to see all their social media pages invaded by trolls. Let's face it, they troll the people on a daily basis... revenge would be freaking amazing. A little justice would be lovely.

Crippie's Tippie - Mad at your healthcare provider, bitch 'em out on twitter or facebook. They can't get away with being douche bags. 

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  1. Good thought friend. Just make sure they can't sue you for slander! I'm afraid to try it for fear of that very thing. They always seem to win out.


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