Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crippie Visits The Goats


Mama Pig says thanks for the ninja vibes, she's gonna go to the vet tomorrow and hopefully the doctors will be able to make her all better. Crippie is very worried about her. Everyone in the house is. We can't lose another pig... not now. Once the situation with Mama Pig is over I'll discuss what's wrong with her but I am petrified of jinxing something.

In the meantime, while Mama Pig was snoozing my dad and I took a trip to the shelter to see the boys. He loves piggies as much as I do. Crippie trimmed Andrew and Charlie's nails. I was expecting a huge battle but it went surprisingly well. Charlie tried to shoot poop at me... but that's really not terrible. I was also better able to gauge their health... both Charlie and Andrew look very healthy. Andrew is also getting used to being held, he didn't cry as much and he let my dad hold him for a few minutes... SO ADORABLE.

While we were there Crippie managed to find the goats! As soon as they saw us they starting being total hams. One was like "I'M ON A ROCK... LOOK AT ME!", another was like "I'M ADORABLE... LOOK AT ME!" Here are some pics to prove my point...

Crippie's Tippie - Looking for a pet... GO TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTER


  1. OK, the goats are the cutest!
    We're keepin our fingers crossed for Mama and you're both in our prayers!

  2. I love goats - well actually anything on 4 legs with fur. Notice I said 4 legs and fur. No snakes thank you. Mario said he's still purring for Mama Pig and I have her in prayers. God loves his little creatures too. She just HAS to be okay.


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