Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crippie Made Noodles!


OMG can you believe it, Cripple made noodles! Isn't it incredible! Now, there may be some people out there saying "It's not a big deal, calm the eff down" but this really is big deal for Crippie. Why is it a big deal? Because making cooking noodle related food items is really painful for Crippie. Tumors in my wrists and arms make lifting heavy like a pot of water painful. The act of pouring pasta into a drainer makes my arm hurt like a mofo. Crippie doesn't make a lot of noodle dishes because of this.
So why did Crippie make noodles today? Well, I was babysitting my neighbor and she wanted mac n' cheese for lunch. Crippie has been watching this neighbor for years, we're buddies in a sense... so I didn't want to say no to her. It was six cups of water and a small pan. It was tricky bringing the pot to the stove, it was uncomfortable standing there for 7 minutes, and it was really painful when I had to drain the noodles, but I did it. Making noodles might seem like such a simple task, but it's hard for me to do and Crippie is very proud of herself for being able to do it. I won't do it very often, but it's good to know that I can if it's absolutely necessary. 

In other news, Crippie might have figured out why my hip has been hurting. I have a feeling that a baseball sized tumor on the back of my pelvis is the culprit. I'll discuss it with my ortho the next time I see him, whenever that may be. In the meantime, since it is now one of my special tumors it has received a name. Baseball sized pelvis tumor is now "Fanny The Ass Tumor". Crippie will definitely keep y'all updated on Fanny The Ass Tumor as new details emerge.

Crippie's Tippie- Naming your tumors is an excellent way to freak people out

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  1. Oh Crippie - congratulations. That is a quite a feat to have accomplished. M can sympathize with you as she finds draining the noodles hard to do too so you did amazingly well. Now about Fanny The Ass Tumor - we'll stay posted and I'll purr that it goes away for you. Kitty purrs work magic you know!


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