Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crippie The Theatre Nerd


First off... CRIPPIE MISSED THE LAST THE DAY OF PASSOVER...  I'M SORRRYYYYYY. Crippie's lack of sleep usually catches up with her on Saturdays. This was literally Crippie's thought process yesterday "Must... blog... last day of passover... must post... more Prince of Egypt songs..." and then I passed out for the night. Fun fact: Crippie dreamed that she posted the last Prince of Egypt song and then a bunch of lawyers came to my door and told me to stop posting Prince of Egypt songs. I told them "BUT IT'S PASSOVER!" and since they were all Jews they let me go with a warning. I guess I'm kinda a racist in my dreams ;)
Moving on, Crippie had a super awesome fun day. My mom and sister were performing in a fundraiser for a local theatre company. Apart from the general awesomeness of seeing them sing Crippie also got to see some Broadway and Off-Broadway actors sing! I even got to talk to some of them! My family entire family had a very pleasant conversation with someone who played Javert in "Les Miserables". I took some videos and photos but I don't think I can legally share them with you guys :(
Crippie absolutely loves days like this because, well, Crippie loves the theatre. It's probably because damn near everyone in Crippie's family is a broadway dork, from my Grandma who took classes with Lehmen Engel all the way to my 13-year-old cousin who has memorized the soundtrack "The Book of Mormon". It really is a shame that Crippie has zero talent when it comes to the stage. Don't believe me? Well, I'll make you all a deal... once I reach 50 followers on Google Friend Connect I will post a video of me singing show tunes with a guinea pig. Deal? *Shakes on it*

 In the meantime, here's a quick little survey of Crippie's Favorite Broadway things...
Favorite Show - Assassins (I just love the general idea of "LET'S MAKE A MUSICAL ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO SHOOT PRESIDENTS!")
Least Favorite Show - Carousel ("That was a really nice clam bake" REALLY!?!?!)
Favorite Composer/Lyricist - Stephen Sondheim
Least Favorite Composer/Lyricist - Andrew Lloyd Weber (the only good thing he did was Evita)
Favorite Broadway Actor - NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, and Mandy Patinkin
Favorite Broadway Actress - Bernadette Peters and Angela Lansbury
Favorite Broadway Song - waaaaaaayyyy to many to chose but I love "Edelweiss" from "The Sound of Music"
Favorite Broadway Show That Was Turned Into A Movie - The movie/musical version of "Hairspray" was fabulous, it cut out all the unnecessary camp
Least Favorite Show That Was Turned Into A Movie - Mamma Mia... nuff said
Favorite Movie Turned Into A Show - Once (probably because I kinda know one of the kid's in the show)
Least Favorite Movie Turned Into A Show - Sister Act (I LOVE SISTER ACT II... DON'T RUIN THIS STUFF FOR ME)
Favorite Tony Host - Neil Patrick Harris

Crippie's Tippie - Support "Just Off Broadway", they're a brilliant theatre troop! 

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  1. I'm impressed that a young lady in your age group would even know about Carousel. That came out back in the day when I was 18 or 19, and was my favorite broadway show for years. (ha ha - now when I look at it tho it does seem kind of "lame.") I do like AndrewLloydWeber's music tho - hate to disagree with you, but I must on that point. I never get tired of The Sound Of Music - I love singing along with the Sound Track!


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