Sunday, April 8, 2012



Ani Ma'amin by Le Ma'an Elohim Chaim on Grooveshark

Crippie wishes all of her goyim readers a happy Easter. I hope y'all are enjoying your peeps and spending time with the people you care about.
Crippie had an awesome time with her family for the Seder. Good food. Good family. Good traditions. For a family of pretty agnostic Jews we have several Passover traditions. The most prominent tradition would have to be how we sing a LOT during the Seder. We sing "Dayenu" (Crippie doesn't speak Hebrew, but I've memorized a few prayers and songs), my grandma wrote a song about the "Four Questions" which everyone in the family has memorized, and the last song we sing is "Ani Ma'amin" which is essentially a Jewish version of "We Shall Overcome". The words to "Ani Ma'amin" are from a prayer, but it was put to music during the Holocaust. People sang it as they were being lead to their deaths in the gas chambers. We sing it on Passover not only to remember those lost in the Holocaust but also because the Warsaw Ghetto uprising began on the first night of Passover.

Even though Passover is a holiday with somber undertones, everyone managed to have a very good time. The animals made out like bandits. Angel and Helen got turkey and the piggies got parsley! Crippie was able to drink a small amount of manischewitz, I drank it really slowly and with a bunch of food so I didn't get tipsy, which was nice. I didn't take any NSAIDs last night to be on the safe side.

Crippie's Easter sunday was oddly productive. The weather today was beautiful so I took full advantage of that. Crippie had to take Aggie outside to get some sunshine. Aggie runs a risk of developing osteoporosis, so I'm pretreating her with the occasional dose of vitamin D. She enjoyed her time outside very much. Mainly because she could munch on dandelions (she only liked the stems, not the flower). Crippie was also able to walk to the location where Emma is buried so I visited her for a few minutes. Even though we are Jews, she has a giant cross marking where she is. It's literally 12 times bigger than she was.

Crippie also managed to straighten up her room a little bit... now that's a Passover Miracle!!!!

Crippie's Tippie - Matzoh can be oddly yummy. I know people think it tastes like cardboard but it really is good. Crippie loves egg matzoh with butter and salt. Chocolate covered matzoh is also pretty good.


  1. Ohh - that precious little piggy face - what a nice way to start my day. So happy you and your family had such a wonderful sedar meal and celebration.

  2. Love your blog. Love you. Your matriarch grammy had a great time with the whole family, and even got to see the Colorado gang via Skype. Have to admit I was tripping over the puppies while I was cooking, but their faces looked so hopeful that I would drop food on the floor (by mistake).


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