Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pain, Pain Go Away


Yeaaaaaaaah, as the title suggests Crippie has been in a fair amount of pain over the past few days. Me thinks the weather is changing or something because Fanny the Ass Tumor, something on the back of my pelvis, and my hip socket and been acting up all at once. Crippie's flare up is so bad that her pain management appointment got bumped up to tomorrow. I'm probably looking at a med change. After that Crippie will monitor her pain levels and if they continue to suck... then it's off to the orthopedist I go.

In the meantime Crippie is using NPH for the back of my hip and my inner hip and Capsaicin for my outer side and front of my hip. WARNING: DO NOT PUT A HEAT PACK ON AN AREA THAT HAS CAPSAICIN ON IT. Capsaicin is one of those things you have to be super cautious about. When misused it causes a whole lotta discomfort. The mix of the two treatments has made my pain levels bearable so at least I'll be able to sleep tonight. 

Part of me thinks that all of this pain is due to an arthritis flare up, simply because it came on so suddenly. Usually my MHE problems takes months if not years to develop. Maybe it's just Crippie being in denial and not wanting to think about hip surgery, but I don't think my tumors could grow to this extent in a matter of a days. Crippie really hopes this is just an arthritis flare up.

Anyway, I'll definitely let y'all know how tomorrow goes. Crippie will be bringing her hip x-rays to the doctor tomorrow so she can clearly see what's going on. Wish me luck everybody :)

To make up for the short post today, here's a pic of Nellie and Frida sleeping

Crippie's Tippie - Capsaicin works, but you have to be reaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyy careful with it

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  1. Cute piggies - sorry you are in so much pain presently. It's misersble when you can't find anything to relieve it. My arthritis has been acting up more now too. in my case, it's for sure weather related. Good luck with you appointment this week. I hope you can get something to help.,


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