Thursday, November 10, 2011

NHBPM- Crippie Tries To Predict The Future


How are all my lovely readers doing today? I hope you all are good. Crippie spent last night being a psychic and predicting 97% of the winners for the CMA Awards. Seeing Brad Paisley molest Miss Piggie made my night. Anyway, speaking of being a psychic today's NHBPM prompt is...The future of online activism. Our favorite social media sites are constantly undergoing renovations to become quicker to navigate, easier to interact with, all encompassing, mobile, and everywhere. Imagine the same thing about your community – how will they evolve, improve, and grow?

First things first, I believe that the future of web design will be less coding and more user friendly in terms of design. This will make it easier for smaller, lesser known diseases and causes to have better, more efficient websites simply because they won't have to hire some fancy shmancy web designer and web masters to keep the website running. Currently, most of the smaller non-profit organizations have very simple websites, homepage, contact, basic info, and some pages with more in-depth information where people go to find support. They might have e-mail  or facebook groups where people can contact each other and ask questions.

I think that the non-profit support group website of the future will have a smarter organization system for their information, and more importantly... forums. I imagine that these sites will be able to create forum boards for people to ask and get information. The people would have to register and make a basic profile, thus helping keep up a database on the people involved with the group.

Technically there are websites like this out there, one such website is the site Crippie goes to in order to obtain information on guinea pigs, This is a very smart site design wise. It has relatively easy navigation so if I needed to look something up quickly I can find it, also it has the almighty forum. People post about issues they are having with their pigs and they get replies rather quickly. This site also requires you to "sign a contract" of sorts before posting. They don't allow things like intentionally bad grammar, and the strict rules have kept the site troll free.

So yeah, that's what I imagine the websites of the future will look like. I think twitter and facebook will mainly serve as traffic directors for the main site since all of the social aspects will be contained within the website.

Crippie's Tippie- Until this magical future arrives... BEFRIEND ALL THE NERDS. Chances are they will be able to code a nice site for your non-profit. 

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: 

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