Friday, November 4, 2011


Ohai Everybody!

First off, Frida says "thank you" to anyone and everyone that thought she looked adorable as "GUINEA BEE". If anyone is wondering, she really didn't mind the costume all that much. I tried to put it on one of my other guinea pigs, Maggie, first. She started screaming and tried to rip the costume off, so after snapping a quick shot of her we took it off. Frida did not scream or try to kill me, she did try to pee on the costume... but she does that with everything. Here's a picture of me with the "Original GUINEA BEE", Maggie.
Moving on to day 3 (for me anyway) of National Health Blog Post Month. The topic du jour is...
What happens after you press “publish.” Write about your post-blog-writing process. Do you immediately tweet a link? Email it to everyone? Re-read it for spelling errors?
After I finish writing all the crippled goodness that is this blog (which I usually write really late at night/early in the morning when I am tired and not exactly functioning) I do a quick skim through to find typos. Generally speaking I don't spell words wrong, I either forget a word or rearrange it with something else. Once I finish the basic look over I press publish. After that I actually view the post and find more typos. I go and fix those and then I press publish again.
I use Networked Blogs which automatically updates my twitter and facebook page with a link to the new post. I highly recommend this feature because I can never freakin' remember to update those.
So yeah, that's the glorious story what happens after I publish the blog.

Tomorrow I have regular appointment with my pain management physician. Crippie's Mommie thinks I should switch some of my medications. She wants me to replace my anti-inflamitory drug (which can do a crap ton of damage to my heart and stomach) with an anti-depressant. Crippie is not depressed nor does Crippie suffer from depression, but apparently anti-depresants stop certain pain signals in the brain. I'm curious as to what my physician will say about this manner, I'll def keep you updated.

Crippie's Tippie- Research different pain treatment options, is a great place to learn and get information about pain and pain treatment.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: 

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  1. We may be 100 years (well exaggered - he he - slightly) apart, but I learn so much from you each time I read your posts. Oh yes - your mom might be "right on" with the antidepressant. I've taken antidepressants for years for that reason. Well, the past 3 years I'VE ALSO taken them for depression, but prior to that it was for pain management. It does work - depending on the type and level of pain. (Shhh = you don't have to tell your mom I agree with her - it can be our secret. I was young once upon a time too. he he)


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