Sunday, November 27, 2011

NHBPM- Crippie Quote-ie


I finally made an official Facebook Page for Crippie's Corner! The other page I have is technically for my graphic design stuff and I figured it was time to separate the two, although I still am going to send blog updates to my "wynning designs" page too.
I can see the light at the end of the National Health Blog Post Month! If only I could fully understand tonight's prompt... Quote Unquote. Grab a quote from this site (type in any word – see what comes up!) and use that quote to set you writing.
Seems like an easy prompt, right? NO! I tried typing in words like "cripple", "tumor", and other various disability words I came up with blog entries from other readers. I also tried words like "nachos", "llama", "weasel", and various other stupid words because I am an "internet female" and it's what we do. So it's not like I'm willingly ignoring a prompt... it's just that I fail at it.
To make up for my failure I'll discuss one of my all time favorite cripple quotes. It was told to me by a fellow cripple years ago and it really changed my opinion on being a cripple.
We are zebras, we must revel in our differences.
I love this quote for several reasons. The whole referring to cripple as a zebra thing is great, because zebras are freakin' awesome. They're like horses... BUT PRETTIER!!!! Sure, I might be different because I'm a cripple, but that's not a bad thing. It's something to embrace and be proud of. Sure, my arms and legs are kinda crooked, my fingers and toes are a little weird, I'm slightly shorter than what I should've been, whatever... it makes me unique. It sets me apart from everyone else, and being different from everyone else is a wonderful thing! 

Crippie has a really random question for her wonderful readers... know any good ways to painlessly untangle hair? My hair is super curly and frizzy and has recently decided to start locking together. I don't think dread locs are good look for me. I could cut the really stupid areas out, but I have issues cutting my hair really short (bad memories). Any tips readers? And yes, my hair looks like this whenever I brush it. 

Crippie's Tippie- Wanna buy my book? Use the code CYBERMONDAY to get 30% OFF... TODAY ONLY!!! 

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: 


  1. Nicole,

    You are fun and funny! I am a facebook friend of your Mom's and she has helped and supported us through the years with my son's MHE (You have an amazing Mom & she has an totally awesome daughter!)

    Congratulations on your book! That is so exciting!

    I really love your attitude! We have a bit in common, I also have naturally curly hair... in fact my driver's license photo when I was 16 totally resembled Richard Simmons (you might have to google that, you are too young! LOL) Never felt extremely attractive tho with a frizz ball on my head! I must say, the best thing I ever got from going to beauty school was the ability to manage my Mop!
    my tips...
    1. Never brush naturally curly hair (sorry! especially dry, it will give you split ends)
    2. Be a product junkie... After I shower, I add gel, then mousse & finish with hair spray! After I comb it wet, I use my fingers to fluff and scrunch as it dries... I only comb it once.
    3. It is possible to control the curls and get them to work together. go for inexpensive gels and mousse... that way if you don't like how they feel, you can pass them on to someone else. Remember, you can water down gel if it is too thick. I like aussie products... inexpensive and they smell good!
    4. I don't wash my hair every day.. so day 2 I get it wet with a little spray bottle, just damp enough to get rid of the frizz and allow it to curl.
    Well, that is probably more advice than you wanted right now. I really wanted to let you know know that you are a huge inspiration. My son is facing another surgery in December and you are so good at inspiring others! Thanks! Kris

  2. Hi Kris,
    Thanks so much for the help! And of course I know what Richard Simmon's hair looks like. I used to look like Kirk Cameron when I was younger! I will definitely try those things out!


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