Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NHBPM- 3 Truths And Maybe A Lie I Guess


One week of this NHBPM thing down, 3 to go! Speaking of the number the topic de jour is... 3 Truths and 1 lie. Tell us 3 things that are true about you, your condition, your Health Activism, or your life. Now tell us 1 lie. Do you think we will be able to tell the difference?

I'm not quite sure how I would do this for my condition and or "health activism" so I'm just gonna do it about good ol' Crippie. Here are four statements about Crippie. If you think you know which one is the lie, post it in the comment section. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow. 
STATEMENT ONE: I collect American Girl Dolls
STATEMENT TWO: I have about 25 Canes in my living room
STATEMENT THREE: My favorite show of ALL time is "The Brady Bunch"
STATEMENT FOUR: I can whistle the theme song to "The Andy Griffith Show" 

So there you are folks, have at it. Not the most interesting blog post in the world... sorry 'bout that. THE WRITERS CHALLENGE PROMPTS TOLD ME TO DO THAT I TELL... BLAME THEM.

Well, to make up for this rather dull prompt, I'll discuss how Crippie's pets are doing. November 18th marks the first anniversary of our dog Angel's adoption. When we first got her she was a scared little Lhasa Apso who was abused at one point and left a shelter. A year later she is a very loved and very well fed dog. She loves long walks, playing with neighbor dogs, eating, belly rubs, and begging.  We want to do something sorta special for her for her "birthday". Crippie was thinking cooking her a hamburger and letting her just go to town. Any suggestions readers?
New puppy Helen has been here for two months and we are already seeing a huge difference in her. She now recognizes me as "the aunt that spoils her". She gives her "mommy" great big kisses, and she prances around the house like she owns the place. We're pretty sure that she thinks she's a baby, she cries when she's unhappy and she likes to be held like a baby. She says thank you to whoever said she was adorable on this blog.
The piggies are doing very well. Three of my pigs (Including Frida) turned 3 in October. They celebrated with huge salads.
Yup, so that's how all of Crippie's pets are doing.

Angel's Tippie- Give your dog lots of treats, we are happier when we have lots of treats.
Helen's Tippie- Give us lots of treats and tell me I'm pretty.
Piggies Tippie- Just feed us and we'll be really happy

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  1. I know people who do the hamburger thing for their dogs birthdays. Go for it!
    My cat was a cat who was found roaming around after the tornadoes in April (I live in Alabama) so he was pretty roughed up and scared of everything. That was only a few months ago. He's already a spoiled little mama's boy!
    Also, i loved your pets "tips" at the end of the blog. :D


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